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About Dr. John P.W. Brown

Ceaseless Dedication to Excellence

Dr. Brown has been a longstanding and important part of the medical commuity in Columbia for many years.  For many years, he was involed in all aspect of surgical care.  As the years passed, he found a a passion for the care of breast cancer patients.  Providing high  quality and compassionate care to individuals in these difficult times was a "calling" and a "ministry" for him.  During this same period of time, there was an explosion of research interest in the treatment of patients with concerning breast issues.  Thus the speciality of "Breast Surgeon"  was developed because it was nearly impossible to keep up with the changes in breast care, evaluation and treatment. 

Dr, Brown's commitment, dedication, education and passion  is unquestioned and he will use those skills in providing the best care for you.



Medical school is just the beginning....

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Why Us?

We are fully aware that patients have choices and we are respectful of that.  However, the quality of your care in our community is never compromised.  By providing highest quality imagine equipment, we are able to deliver the same accurate and rapid diagnostic studies as would provided in larger urban areas.  Breast Cancer is the most common malignancy treated at Maury Regional Medical Center.