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Breast Cancer Basics

When the bad news comes...

When faced with such alarming news, patients just want to know "what to do".  In the past, there were just not many choices to make.  Traditional mastectomy was the only choice.  While that choice remains a common choice of patients, many patients are able to have much less invasive procedures, much better chemotherapy options and radiation options.  With an increase in understanding of Cancer Genetics, some patients may be able to avoid radiation and/or chemotherapy.  It is our goal to provide a good basic understanding for our patients to assist them as they begin this journey.

Breast Cancer Basics

We believe that understanding your choices is the first real step toward healing....

It is important to know that most breast cancers are NOT inherited.  Breast cancer most commonly occurs after menopause.  Because of screening mammography the majority of breast cancers are found at an early stage making lumpectomy as effective surgical treatment as a mastectomy.  Many studies have shown that lumpectomy has the same survival outcomes as mastectomy.  Chemotherapy and radiation are NOT automatically included in a breast cancer treatment program.   With testing of  the genes in the cancer , patients can be identified that may not benefit from chemotherapy.  Twelve years ago Dr. Brown founded the program here for PARTIAL breast radiation decreasing the time of radiation therapy in selected patients from 30 days to 5 days.

Adjuvant Treatments

Radiation Therapy

Enhancements in the administration of radiation therapy has not only provided patients with better targeted and effective therapy it has also "softened the blow" with therapy that is much better tolerated than therapies of years ago.


Chemotherapy - is a method of administration of drugs that damage and kill the rapidly dividing cancer cells.  Like all components of cancer treatment today, chemotherapy is much mor specific and targeted toward specific cancers and much less damaging to our good cell.  While no one will say that chemo was fun, patients tolerate many of these drugs much better than in the past.    These new anticancer drugs  have the ability to inhibit the growth of tumor cells or cause them irreversible damage and death, are administered to the patient.