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Advanced Evaluation

Fortunately today most breast cancers are diagnosed at an early stage because of breast imaging advances.  Thanks to our spectacular breast imaging center offering screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms, 3-D mammograms, breast ultrasound, and breast MRI, most breast cancers can be found before they are palpable.  Minimally invasive image guided needle biopsy procedures can document the pathology promptly.  Dr. Brown performs stereotactic guided needle breast biopsies at the breast imaging center.  


In spite of the challanges...

An abnormal mammogram is a scary thing.  However, we work diligently to remove as many inconviences as possible in organizing your evaluation and work-up as possible.  The concept of a Breast Center does indeed revolve around providing organized, effecient and most importanly, accurate and compassionate care.

We provide additional services that are not available in regular clinics in the city. This is what makes our clinic unique. For your convenience, we have implemented the following services:

Cancer Center

Breast Centers have truly changed the landscape of breast care.  Providing a localized and connected group of breast specialist allows for much improved care.  Each speciality involved in breast cancer care, brings a unique blend of backgrounds, education and perspective that allows for the best all worlds for patients. 

Breast Self-Exam

Patients that come into our practice have had their initial diagnosis determined in many ways.  Some have had abnormal mammograms while others have been diagnosised by their own discovery.  While very small tumors are impossible to feel by self or professional exam, often patients do make this discovery on their own.  It is very important that patients have a clear understanding of their own breast anatomy.  Monthly self-exam coupled with yearly screening mammograms and professional exams is the best way for us to find tumors as soon as possible.