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Modern up-to-date equipment allows you to diagnosis and identify the risks accurately and timely.

Our clinic is a timely diagnosis, consultancy, in-patient care for adults and children, provision of emergency medical care in urgent conditions according to the European standards of diagnostics and treatment. Detection of diseases in the early stages is a guarantee of successful rehabilitation.

In the clinic employ and consult doctors of 46 specialties.

They are highly qualified specialists, possessing the most modern medical technologies and practices.It has always been the basic principle of clinic MEDICAL - all doctors, consultants, practitioners in the walls of our medical institution arereal experts. Our passionate - in the best sense of the word - junior and middle staff provide support for the leading consultants and unrivaled care for our patients.

We use modern equipment of verified, known firms.

In addition to traditional, we use in the treatment such methods as: ozone therapy, mesotherapy, infrared coagulation, reflexology, radio-wave therapy, phototherapy, etc. Regardless of who you are - manager, cook, politician, rocker, lawyer, pensioner, or bank employee, in our clinic, first of all you are a person, who needs help, and we guarantee you a care and warm attitude, that are constant values for our staff.
You can easily trust us your health. We will help you to stay healthy!