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Genetics and Breast Cancer

Over the last half century, there has been an increasing appreciation for the impact that genetics plays in Breast Cancer.  Most women actually have no significant family history of breast cancer, but the patients that do have that history clearly have an increase in the likelihood of developing breast cancer. 

The BRCA genes are the most well known genetic markers for breast cancer and that gene mutation is also associated with ovarian cancer as well.  As much as this gene mutation is mentioned in the media, it is an unusual finding. 

There also many newly discovered genetic markers that dictate a great deal of information about the best treatment coarse for many patients and these new findings give us great hope to provide individualize care to our patients today.

Genetic Studies offered to our patients

We are so fortunate to be able to provide the most up-to-date genetic studies to our patients.  But simply ordering a test is completely inadequate.  Patients need a physician that understands this information but is also able to explain the study and the results and what they mean to your specific situation. 

Breast Cancer Navigator

Our breast center is so fortunate that we are able to provide a individual who is able to help you understand and navigate this scary situation.  Many patients describe a "lonliness" in working through these confusing decisions.  Our Nurse navigator is ready to help you in these difficult times.