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State of the Art Imaging

The Columbia Breast Clinic uses the imaging services of the MRMC nationally accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.  World class state-of-the-art breast imaging includes digital screening mammography, digital diagnostic mammography, digital tomosynthesis (3-D), breast ultrasound, breast MRI, and minimally invasive image guided needle biopsy.  Dr. Brown performs stereotactic needle biopsy at the imaging center.  Our goal is to have prompt and immediate resolution of any breast imaging of concern in all of our patients.

Cutting edge technology

Up to date Doctors and Up to date Technology

Cutting edge technology has changed the scope of all cancer care.  The increase in the resolution of our images allows us to see smaller and smaller abnormalities and make a clearer and clearer determination of the diagnosis.  Our confidence in our images now allow us to more accurately seperate benign findings and thus rule out many surgical biopsies.  Reassuring patients and providing accurate information can make a tremendous improvement in our abilities to provide emotional comfort to patients.

        Both benign and malignant breast disease requires many highly trained and experienced individuals.  Our Radiology department provided and expert level of care that is able to provide diagnostic and therapeutic care that unsurpassed anywhere.  So many breast diseases are not visible by physical exam, highly qualified and specialized radiologist are on the front line of patient care.  Not only is it critical that patients are confident about these studies, it is also important that the team of physicians involved in the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease also have that confidence.