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Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation


The goal of the lumpectomy is to remove the cancer, as well as normal tissue around the edge of the lumpectomy specimen, known as a clear margin. If there is cancer involving the edge, or margin, of the specimen on the final pathology report, repeat surgery to remove additional tissue may be required so that clear margins are obtained.  Dr. Brown has been on the cutting edge of this technology and founded the Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation Program (Mammocyte) at Maury Regional Medical Center about 15 years ago. 

In nearly all patients who choose breast conservation therapy, radiation therapy will follow the lumpectomy. In some special cases, the radiation therapy may be delivered only to the lumpectomy site and not to the whole breast over a very shortened period of time (5 days vs 5 or 6 weeks).  This accelerated partial breast irradiation is delivered directly to the lumpectomy site through a radiation applicator device (MammoSite, Savi) placed by Dr. Brown.

The long-term survival rates for early-stage breast cancer are the same for patients who choose breast conservation therapy and those who choose mastectomy. The risk of cancer recurring in the treated breast following a lumpectomy is not significantly higher than the risk of recurrence following mastectomy. However, patients who choose lumpectomy will need follow-up of the treated breast as a recurrent breast cancer may develop.