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Not all breast cancer treatment programs will include radiation treatment.  This decision is primarily made in consultation with the radiation oncologist.  Breast conservation surgery (lumpectomy) is usually accompanied post op with either whole breast radiation or partial breast radiation.  Dr. Brown founded the partial breast irradiation program here over 12 years ago.  Partial breast radiation can reduce the time of radiation treatment from 30 days to 5 days

Prompt and Efficient Care

We are aware of how inconvenient it is to receive any surgery or other therapies.  It is our goal to provide prompt and efficient administration of radiation therapy and other treatments and diagnostic studies.  It is one of the wonderful things associated with having so many of our doctors located in such close locations.  While we are far from being perfect, we do labor to fulfil our goal and our responsibility to our patients.


Most patients that get radiation therapy, receive a very carefully administered dose and delivery of the therapy.  While there can be some difficulty with this therapy, but it is a key component of the successful breast cancer treatment.  However, some patients with particular tumor characteristics can receive a very localize radiation dose that is administer right to the location of the primary tumor.  The device that is utilized to complete this treatment is called a Mammocyte.   Dr. Brown has been on the cutting edge of this technology and founded the Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation Program (Mammocyte) at Maury Regional Medical Center about 15 years ago.