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Understanding your disease is the first step toward a cure.

Understanding your disease process is a critical first step.  The journey to a cure can be a very long journey indeed.  Misunderstandings, miscommunication and bad "internet information" can simply add confusion and stress to and already difficult time.  Spending time with patients to help them understand the facts is our top priority.  This information is brought by Dr. Brown as well as the nurses and the "Breast Navigator" and will be factual information.  We look forward to not only providing care but also providing the education necessary to bring you peace.

Breast Cancer Myths

In spite of how helpful some friends can be, often our patientts have been given information about breast disease that is just wrong.  While most "mean well", this misinformation can be confusing, scary and sometimes even dangerous.  We encourage you to bring questions to your office visits so that you can get real answers from real experts.