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Women Helping Women

Therapy and Support Groups

You can hear things from your physcian, your neighbor or friends, but no one can prepare you and support you any more than a person that has been there.  Because our practice is limited to the care of breast cancer patients, we understand the necessity of support.  We are also aware that not all women need the same kind of support and will work to connect you with what ever type of support that you might benefit from. 


Please feel free to ask us about support services available in our community and we will be happy to steer you in the right direction.

Special Procedures

Massage is a type of physical therapy effects on the tissues and organs of the human body to achieve a therapeutic or cosmetic effect. In our medical center massage sessions are conducted only by certified specialists.Massage is not only a way to treat diseases, but also effective for the prevention of many of them.

As a result of the electrotherapeutic impact -  accelerated metabolism nutrition organ and tissue, blood circulation  increased, expressed stimulation of immunity and regeneration processes.

Laser therapy - physiotherapy, studying the effects of lasers on individual organs and tissues, as well as the human body as a whole, in order to increase immunity and speed recovery, reduce the number of patients assigned to drugs. As a result of the use of laser therapy blood circulation and metabolism are enhanced , improves the supply of organs and tissues, stimulation of immune and regenerative processes begins.

We strive to lessen risk and increase health control

We regularly monitor the condition of our equipment. Also, our center is taking  all the efforts,  so that you should be examined by our professionals with the help of the latest equipment. Speaking about doctors, each of them regularly participates in forums, conferences and training courses. With us you can stop worrrying about the state of your heallth.