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Surgery...a part of the cure

The human body is a holistic system, so the therapist directs its attention not only on the hearth, but disease and general condition. Assigning a specific treatment, the therapist provides comprehensive recommendations. So, with the help of a doctor and under its supervision, you can influence the disease and condition your body as a whole. You can also call our support group and we will give you first aid recommendations.


There is just something special about selecting a surgeon who makes the Treatment of Breast Disease his entire practice.  While Dr. Brown has a wide experience and extensive training in general surgery, his practice is now exclusively dedicated to providing excellent and up to date care of breast disease. 

What is a "Tumor Board"

Tumor board is an tremendous asset to all physicains involved in the care of cancer patients.  Combining the expertice of Oncologist, Radiologist, Pathologist, Surgeons and Navigators all in the same room discussing individual cases is a powerful group that "inject" their speciality in to your care.  Patients find it a great comfort and assurance that they are receiving the best care available.